World Discoverer Comes to the Lakes

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We had earlier intended for these pages a fairly lengthy description of the passenger ship WORLD DISCOVERER which is being operated into the lakes this year but unfortunately space does not permit this and other publications have printed appropriate comments.

Suffice it to say that the ship, owned in Denmark and registered at Singapore, is proving very popular. She is very attractively furnished and the cabins are remarkably large and airy for such a small vessel. She has a surprisingly large number of public rooms, one of which, located directly over the pilothouse, contains duplicate navigational equipment for the enjoyment of the passengers. There is also a novel lookout high in the foremast for passenger use. The ship is actually owned by a consortium of 450 Danish doctors who have set up Discoverer Cruises Inc., Washington, to operate the vessel and promote her sailings. Reservations are handled by Midwest Cruises Inc., Indianapolis, the original charterer.

WORLD DISCOVERER encountered a number of problems in her first few weeks of service but has since settled down to her run and we have heard glowing reports from those who have sailed in her. We wish her operators every possible success in their enterprise.


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