Ships Along The Seaway - Volume 2

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Ships Along The Seaway - Volume 2
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Our members seem to be very prolific writers and they keep us busy producing reviews of their works for these pages. The latest item of marine interest to appear on the bookshelves is SHIPS ALONG THE SEAWAY - VOLUME 2, a follow up by member Skip Gillham of Vine land, Ontario, to his earlier SHIPS ALONG THE SEAWAY which appeared several years ago.

The new volume is a 60-page softcover containing twelve chapters, each dealing with a different type of vessel appearing on the waterway. A wide selection of ships is included, each with a photo and complete description but none of the ships illustrated are duplicated from the first volume. The quality of photo reproduction is greatly improved with volume two and the book should prove attractive not only to the dedicated shipwatcher but also to the many visitors to the Welland Canal area, the latter group comprising those individuals for whom the book is mainly intended.

Our congratulations go to Skip on the publication of this, his latest effort. The volume may be purchased at stores in the St. Catharines area or directly from the publishers, Stonehouse Publications Ltd., R.R. 1, Fonthill, Ontario, LOS 1E0.


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