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The Editor's Notebook
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This is our last issue for the 1974-75 season and we would like to extend a big vote of appreciation to all those who throughout the last year have kept us so well supplied with news items and articles for publication. We know that we can count on these stalwarts again during the coming season but we would like to hear from a few more members either with items for use in these pages or with comments or suggestions on how we might improve our service to our readers. Ourselves, we shall be working to improve the appearance of "Scanner" as we iron the wrinkles out of our new printing arrangements.

Membership Fees are now due for the 1975-76 society year which begins in October. Please note that the October issue will be the last one sent to those who have not remitted their fees by that time. Your only notice of fees due will be through these pages as we cannot afford the cost of mailing individual billings.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news as regards fees - it will cost you $10.00 to join the society for the coming year. We had hoped to avoid the necessity of increasing fees for a while longer, but increased printing costs, the probability of a considerable hike in postal rates, and the desire to bring you double photo-pages as often as possible have conspired to force an increase at this time. A check on the society's finances indicates that we ran into the red this year and we had the choice of either reducing the size and quality of our publication or else raising the fees to a level which should cover expenses for the foreseeable future. Your Executive Committee could not recommend a cutback in services and our motion for a fee increase was unanimously approved by the members present at the May meeting.

The increase is not so steep as to hurt any of us, and the new fee structure is in line with that of several other societies of a similar nature. We trust that you will all agree with our actions and will renew promptly. Remittances should be in Canadian Funds if possible (or else include an allowance for exchange and bank charges on U.S. cheques) and should be sent to the Treasurer, James M. Kidd, 83 Humberview Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 1W9. Thank you.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Alan Sykes of Welland, to Fred Addis of Port Colborne, to Jack Boylan of Sarnia, to William Maher Howell of Erie, Pennsylvania, and to Capt. John P. Wellington of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, the skipper of the tourboat LE VOYAGEUR.


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