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In addition to the HENNEPIN which has been sold for scrap, three other units of the American Steamship Company are not in operation at present. CHARLES C. WEST is not scheduled to run in 1975 and although appointments were made for FRED A. MANSKE, it has apparently been decided that she is not to operate. CONSUMERS POWER started out the year but ran into boiler problems in April and is presently at the Bay City shipyard where repairs are expected to take about a month.

Our prediction that U.S. Steel would not run either AUGUST ZIESING or HORACE JOHNSON has proven half right. The ZIESING is still laid up but JOHNSON is operating. In addition to the straightdeckers that will not turn in '75, we should mention that the self-unloaders W. F. WHITE and IRVIN L. CLYMER are not scheduled to appear in service.

Paddle steamer fans will be pleased to hear that the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society through its Waverley Steam Navigation Company Ltd. will be operating the sea-going paddler WAVERLEY (the last such vessel in the British Isles) on the Clyde this summer. The steamer will start her excursion schedule on May 22.

Three vessels of the fleet of the Columbia Transportation Division, Oglebay Norton and Company, will not operate in 1975. THOMAS WILSON and WILLIAM A. REISS, recently purchased from Kinsman Marine Transit Company, will be held in reserve. In addition, W. C. RICHARDSON, the company's veteran craneship, will remain in idleness and, as she is due for survey at the end of the year, it is doubtful that she will ever turn again.

The Cleveland-Cliffs Steamship Company's bulk carrier THOMAS F. PATTON, a former "red tomato" and the bearer of J. E. UPSON's beautiful chime steam whistle, will not be operative this season. The vessel is in need of shaft repairs.


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