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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
Lake Shipyard Orderbooks Full
Report on April Dinner Meeting
A Laker's Log by Skip Gillham
Ship of the Month No. 49 Alexandria
Port Huron Marine Show
Some Late Marine News
William Woodger
Table of Illustrations
1 The camera of Jim Kidd caught TEXACO-BRAVE outbound at Toronto's Cherry STreet bridge in tow of G. W. ROGERS and BAGOTVILLE, April 7 1975
2 Jim Kidd's photograph of TEXACO-BRAVE and BAGOTVILLE, April 7 1975
3 On her last voyage under her old name, SILVER BAY enters the Toronto Western Gap, March 29, 1975. Photo by the Editor
4 While unloading at Victory Soya Mills, SILVERBAY became JUDITH M. PIERSON as seen in this photo by Jim Kidd. April 1st, 1975.
5 This is DEMETERTON, now named ST. LAWRENCE NAVIGATOR, as she looked passing Vercheres on November 23, 1974. P{hoto by Rene Beauchamp.
6 ALEXANDRIA is upbound in the St. Lawrence canals in this photo taken very near the end of her active life. Bascom collection.

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