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A Laker's Log by Skip Gillham
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A few months ago we presented in these pages some excerpts from the scrap log of the Paterson steamer CANADOC (I) for the year 1954. In the hope that the details of what a ship actually does and where she goes during a season may be of interest, we have prepared a review of the activities of the Kinsman steamer R. E. WEBSTER for the 1966 season as taken from her logbook, together with a sketch of the vessel's life.

R. E. WEBSTER, (a) ELBERT H. GARY (64). (U.S. 202014). Steel bulk carrier built 1905 at Chicago by the Chicago Shipbuilding Company, Hull 66. 557.8 x 56.0 x 26.5. Gross 6584, Net 5155. Built for the Pittsburgh Steamship Company and served the U.S. Steel Corp. until 1963. In her first year, established a record cargo of 12,003 gross tons iron ore. In 1928 set another record by loading 9,366 net tons bituminous coal at Duluth, Mesabi & Northern Dock, Duluth, in 6 hrs., 5 mins. Reboilered 1936. Badly holed by ice on Lake Superior in April 1957 but rescued by U.S.C.G. MACKINAW. Lay idle at Duluth 1958 and again 1961-63. Sold 1963 to Kinsman Marine Transit Company, Cleveland, and returned to service 1964. Laid up 1972 with boiler problems and sold 1973 to Marine Salvage Ltd. Towed down Welland Canal June 9, 1973 by SALVAGE MONARCH and HELEN M. McALLISTER. Cleared Quebec June 15, 1973 in tandem tow of tug JANTAR with A. E. NETTLETON. Arrived Santander, Spain, July 5, 1973 for scrapping.

1966 Season - Cleared Buffalo, N.Y., April 20th.

- Laid up at Buffalo, N.Y., December 15th.

Cargoes - Coal ---- 15; Grain ---- 12; Ore -- 7.

Loading Ports Discharge Ports
Duluth-Superior 17 (6 mixed grain,6 ore, 5 wheat) Buffalo 12 (7 mixed grain,
Toledo 10 1/2 (coal) Duluth-Superior 7 (coal)
Ashtabula 3 (coal) Cleveland 5 (ore)
Conneaut 1 (coal) Harriet 4- (coal)
Two Harbors 1 (ore) Milwaukee 2 (coal)
South Chicago 1 (mixed grain) Washburn 1 (coal)
Sandusky 1/2 (coal) Sheboygan 1 (coal)
Conneaut 1 (ore)
Lorain 1 (ore)


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