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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
Lake Shipyard Orderbooks Full
Report on April Dinner Meeting
A Laker's Log by Skip Gillham
Ship of the Month No. 49 Alexandria
Port Huron Marine Show
Some Late Marine News
William Woodger
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Readers will no doubt notice that this issue looks a bit different from our normal format. The reason for this is that our faithful typist of seven years, Mrs. Tanaka, is no longer able to carry on with the task nor are our usual reproduction facilities available to us. As a result, we are trying an entirely different method and, while things may look a. bit raggy for a few issues (until ye Ed. improves his typing skills), we would ask that you bear with us and give us time to get used to the new system. We hope that the end result will be even more pleasing than before and that we can also reduce the time lag between the preparation of the news and the time it reaches your hands. Our sincere thanks go to Mrs. Tanaka for her invaluable assistance with this journal in the formative years of our Society.

Our Dinner Meeting held on April 4 was very successful and a full report appears elsewhere in this issue. Members should note that the May meeting will be our last regular gathering until autumn, although we will no doubt see each other in the usual ship-watching spots such as the Welland Canal, Point Edward and Sault Ste. Marie. This will be our last "Scanner" of the spring season but another issue will be out in July to keep you abreast of developments during the summer months.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Capt. H.C. Inches of Vermilion, Ohio, and to Alex W. Ormston, curator of the St. Catharines Historical Museum. Also to Don Lee of Port Lambton, Ontario.


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