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It has been announced that the Davie Shipbuilding yard at Lauzon, Quebec, will construct three 80,000 deadweight tankers to the order of N. Yardinoyannis. To be delivered in 1972, the tankers will be powered by Sulzer diesels of 23,200 Braking Horsepower and will have a service speed of 16 knots. This order would seem to be going to keep the Davie yard busy for some time to come and we wonder whether Collingwood Shipyards may possibly pick up some of the overflow, as we understand that several other orders were pending at Davie.

We have learned that another fleet will be disappearing from the shipping scene come the beginning of the 1971 season. V. W. SCULLY and A. S. GLOSSBRENNER, the last two units of Pickands Mather's Labrador fleet, have been sold to the Algoma Central Railway and will henceforth carry the blue and white colours of the Algoma fleet. We understand that no new names are planned for the vessels.


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