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The Editor's Notebook
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We would like to thank those members who have come forward to offer their services in presenting programs at our monthly meetings. The response is most encouraging. We would also like to hear from others who, while not able to actually lead a meeting, may have a novel idea for an interesting evening. Our February meeting, billed as a slide night, actually turned into one of the most enjoyable meetings we have had in that members were able to sit and talk and, as most shipping fans know, that can be a fascinating activity!

As many disappointed members have recently found out, our supply of back issues of our newsletter has been depleted by the heavy demand. In fact, we are completely sold out of several numbers. Your editor is currently looking into the possibility of reprinting those issues in an effort to fill all the requests we have had, and we will advise when the job is finished. Orders for back issues should be addressed to the editor.

We intend to regularly mention new members of T.M.H.S. in this space, and this month we extend a welcome to John H. Wilterding, Jr., of Algoma, Wisconsin. John is author of an excellent book entitled "McDougall's Dream - The American Whaleback". We are also glad to have with us Hal Jackson of Dearborn, Michigan.


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