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For many years, the Owen Sound Transportation Co. Ltd. operated one of the most beautiful and yet little-known cruise services on the Great Lakes. Latterly served by the modern steamer NORGOMA, the route ran from Owen Sound to the Soo via the north side of Manitoulin Island, and included calls at such picturesque spots as Manitowaning, Little Current, Kagawong and Killarney. Unfortunately, the run was discontinued several years ago, and NORGOMA has concentrated her efforts on the Tobermory to South Bay Mouth ferry service.

Nevertheless, we have word that it will be possible to retrace this famous route for one last time. One of our members, Charles Bieser of Cleveland, has arranged for a charter of NORGOMA, now lamentably fitted with diesel power, and he advises that the ship will sail from Owen Sound late in the evening of June 20, 1971. She will proceed via the North Channel to the Soo, where a shore stop will be made. The ship will lock up to the Upper St. Mary's for a cruise to Whitefish Bay, and will then return to the Soo. She will follow the Outside Passage in Lake Huron and will call at South Bay Mouth. NORGOMA will then leave this latter port and await the subsequent departure of the steamer NORISLE on her regular afternoon ferry run. The two ships will follow a parallel course on the crossing for the benefit of photographers, and NORGOMA will then return to Owen Sound.

The entire trip will last three days. Stops at North Channel ports will naturally depend upon the condition of the various docks. We are told that the cost of the trip will be $170 per person, but only 60 passengers can be accommodated and interested parties are requested to reserve early, A $50 deposit will be required. The deadline is April 1st. Those wishing more detailed information on itinerary or other arrangements should contact Charles D. Bieser, 11720 Edgewater Drive, #419, Cleveland Ohio, 44107.


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