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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
Norgoma to the North Channel
Ship of the Month No. 14 Spartan
Additional Marine News
Capt. James Foote And A Vanished Canal Fleet
Table of Illustrations
1 WOLVERINE passes PUT-IN-BAY in Lake St. Clair, June 23 1951. J. H. Bascom photo.
2 Most of SPARTAN is seen leaving Alexandria Bay, N. Y., in this photo by William Notman.
3 WILIAM SCHUPP laid up in the Toronto Ship Channel. July 1938, J. H. Bascom photo.
4 The next last trip of the season bring GEO. B. DONOVAN, Capt. A. E. Laking, Master, to Toronto Elevators. November 1938. Bascom collection.
5 JAMES B. FOOTE is upbound at Galops in this Denno photo from the 1930s.

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