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Port Of Toronto Overseas Vessels Expected April 8th To April 20th, 1969

by John Bascom, Jr.

October 20, 1967, was a black day on the Great Lakes for, at about 2:30 that morning, the passenger steamer SOUTH AMERICAN, made fast alongside Montreal's Victoria Pier thus ending the last voyage of the last Lake cruise ship. Shortly thereafter her owners, the Chicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Company, commonly known as the Georgian Bay Line, ceased business operations, but it was still hoped some arrangements for future service of some sort could be made.

Many steamship enthusiasts had given up hope for any resumption of operations, but for them a surprise is in order, Mr. E. J. Goebel, former president of the C.D.& G.B.T.Co., announced on March 8, 1969 that the reorganized Georgian Bay Line, now controlled by the Arison Shipping Co., has arranged for the charter of the Norwegian Caribbean Line's cruise ship SUNWARD for the 1970 lake season. SUNWARD is a relatively new ship, diesel powered, of modern appearance and equipped with all the conveniences of the day, and will certainly give a new dimension in cruising to lake travellers. Plans, of course, are subject to the obtaining of adequate support from interested parties but there is little doubt that this will be accomplished.

All developments concerning the new operation will undoubtedly be watched with great interest and it is to be hoped that all interested persons will lend their support to the new service, as it is seldom that we get a second chance to enjoy something that we have previously seen disappear. We will be reporting further on this item as details become available.


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