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Port Of Toronto Overseas Vessels Expected April 8th To April 20th, 1969

The dinner meeting will be held in the "Ships Inn", May 9th, at 6:30 p.m. Space is limited to approximately 45 people, so would suggest that all those who would like to attend, contact Mr. J. Kidd for reservations. Cost for the dinner is $5.00 per person.

We are extremely fortunate in having the Rev. Edward J. Dowling as our guest speaker. He is certainly no stranger to most of our members; however, I am sorry to say I have never had the pleasure of meeting him.

Those members who attended our November meeting, will recall a most enjoyable dinner and evening of entertainment. I am certain no one will wish to miss this one, so make certain you see Jim Kidd at the April meeting and get your ticket for the dinner.

Following the dinner, we shall proceed with our meeting in the "Ships Inn" as we did at our previous dinner meeting, which made for a most informal and pleasant evening.

The Society is once again indebted to the Toronto Harbour Commission for suppling us with Overseas Vessel arrivals and departures for the Port of Toronto.



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