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by John Bascom

While vacationing at Fort Myers, Florida, Capt. George Hindman of Owen Sound died on February 27, 1969, at the age of 82. He was long a familiar figure in Great Lakes shipping circles having begun his sailing career at the age of 14.

During the 1920's he operated the World War I "Laker" type stemwinder W.J.CROSBY (a) CRABTREE and later (c) DAVID H. ATWATER. During the 1930's he was associated with Great Lakes Lumber and Shipping Ltd, of Port William, this firm being controlled by the late E.E. Johnson. Later Capt. Hindman was operator of the fleet owned by Driftwood Lands and Timber Ltd., Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, a subsidiary of Detroit Sulphite Co.

In 1940, Capt Hindman formed the Diamond Steamship Co. Ltd., Owen Sound, with the canaller GEORGE HINDMAN (I), This vessel was purchased from Colonial Steamships Ltd., (Misener) and had been idle for a number of years at Port Dalhousie, Other ships were added to the Diamond fleet until the company was sold to Reoch Steamship Co. Ltd., Montreal, in 1951.

He then formed the Hindman Transportation Co. of Owen Sound and this concern took over the tug and barges of Driftwood Lands and Timber Ltd., in 1954.

Listed below, in alphabetical order and with year of building, are the vessels owned by Diamond Steamship Co. Ltd., and Hindman Transportation Co. All are self-propelled bulk carriers unless noted otherwise. Capitalized names denote Hindman operation.

DANA T. BOWEN, tug, 1938 (a) Magpie

DELKOTE, barge, 1897 (a) Carrington (b) Cordova (II).

HELM EVANS 1906 (a) James Laughlin.

PARKER EVANS, 1908 (a) Harry A. Berwind (b) Harvey H. Brown.

PAUL EVANS, tug, 1903 (a) Planet (b) Racey.

BLANCHE HINDMAN (I) 1903 (a) S. N. Parent (b) Voulettes (c) Glenarm (d) Camrose (e) Palmleaf. later (g) Parkdale (I).

BLANCHE HINDMAN (II), 1908 (a) Theodore H. Wickwire (b) Harry Tates (III). ELIZABETH HINDMAN, 1921 (a) Glenclova (b) Anticosti (c) Risacua (d) GEORGE HINDMAN (II).

GEORGE HINDMAN (I) 1902 (a) Tadanac (b) Iroquois (c) Colorado (d) Dornoch (e) Brookton, later (g) Brookdale


GEORGE HINDMAN (III), 1914 (a) William D. Crawford (b) Baird Tewksbury.

HELEN HINDMAN (I) 1903 (a) Robert Wallace (b)Tregastel (c) Glendowan (d) Chandler (e) Aspenleaf, later (g) Grovedale (I).


HOWARD HINDMAN (I) 1890 (a) LaSalle (B) Eastrich, later (d) Forestdale

HOWARD HINDMAN (II) 1910 (a) A. A. Augustus

LYNDA HINDMAN, Tug, 1908 (a) William A. McGonagle (b) Marguerite W. (c) RUTH HINDMAN (I)

MARTHA HINDMAN 1905 (a) Lyman C. Smith.

MARY E. HINDMAN, barge, 1941.


RUTH HINDMAN (I), 1910 (a) Norway.

SUSAN HINDMAN, tug 1911 (a) Watchfall (b) Zelda (c) Northern (d) Charles R. Randle, (e) HELEN HINDMAN (I)

MITSCHFIBRE, barge 1895 (a) Marcia.


SULPHITE, tug, 1919 (a) Ballew.

SWEDEROPE, barge, 1897 (a) Sidney G. Thomas.

VIGILANT, barge, 1904 (formerly steamer - Canadian Governmental Patrol Vessel)


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