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John Bascom

American Steamship Co., Buffalo, (Boland & Cornelius)has announced two name changes. The self-unloader JOSEPH S. YOUNG (a) ARCHERS HOPE, has been renamed (c) H. LEE WHITE, while their DAVID P. THOMPSON (a) WILPEN, also a self-unloader, will appear this season as JOSEPH S. YOUNG (II).

Boland & Cornelius have also announced the completion of discussions with Gartland Steamship Co. to take over the vessels operated by the latter concern. In 1968, Gartland operated the self-unloaders NICOLET and W. E. FITZGERALD as well as the bulk carriers CHICAGO TRADER and HENRY R. PLATT JR. (II) and held a 50% interest with the Reiss S.S. Co. in the self-unloader HENNEPIN. Gartland, operated by D.Sullivan & Co., Chicago, was one of the last of the "independent" American lake fleets and the new owners have as yet announced no definite plans for the ships involved. In view of the continuation of A.C. Sullivan Jr. as Gartland president and the appointment of John T. Kelly, Chicago, as vice-president, it could be that Gartland will be maintained as a BoCo subsidiary.

Johnstone Shipping Ltd., Toronto, have changed the name of their small tanker B. A. SENTINEL to GULF SENTINEL. She originally came out as the barge, PETER G. CAMPBELL, but was converted to a motorship. Later names were (b) RIVERSHELL and (c) GOOD HOPE. Likewise, the former B. A. Tanker, B. A. PEERLESS, will operate this season as GULF CANADA.

The new tanker under construction at Collingwood for Texaco Canada Ltd., will be christened TEXACO CHIEF (II).

Pickands Mather & Co., Cleveland, have let it be known that their HENRY G. DALTON will be chartered this year to Wilson Marine Transit Co., Cleveland. Similarly, COL. JAMES M. SCHOONMAKER, only recently purchased by P.M. from the Shenango Furnace Co., will be chartered for a three-year term to Republic Steel Corp., whose fleet is operated by Wilson. She will carry the name, WILLIS B. BOYER.

Simultaneously with the above-mentioned charter, Republic has announced the retirement of their bulk carriers, J. E. UPSON and PETER ROBERTSON (a) E. J. EARLING, (b) ROBERT B. WALLACE. It is assumed these two coal-fired vessels will be sold for scrapping. Two other ships of the same fleet, JOHN B. COWLE (II) and FINLAND (a) HARRY COULBY (I), will carry the names HARRY L. ALLEN and PETER ROBERTSON (II), respectively, when they appear this year.

Two surprises are the renames for Canada Steamship Lines ships. WHITEFISH BAY, currently undergoing the same conversion at Port Arthur, will appear as QUETICO.

You nay be interested in reading the following letter received by Mr. R. W. Jones from 'La Compagnie de Navigation Desgagnes Ltee., Montreal, and details of their vessel, M/V CHAMPLAIN, offered for sale:

"We thank you for your letter dated March 26, regarding our vessel, the M/V CHAMP LAIN, offered for sale. "We are pleased to enclose herewith, photograph of said vessel. You will find at the back all details concerning her.

"However, we would add that she is classed with Lloyd's for service in the Great Lakes, and the St. Lawrence River. Her Special Survey is due in April 1973.

"All radio a.m., radio f.m., radar, echo sounding are the property of the vessel,

"Her price asked is $60,000 cash,

"We hope you will find these details interesting and we are awaiting your news."


Coaster ship of 500 tons at 10 feet draft.

One hold, one hatch 67' x 14'; masts, 2 derricks and gears at 2 1/2 tons each. Accommodation and engine all aft. Easy trimmer.

Engine: Deutz 400 HP, Speed 9 knots. Hydraulic steering gear. Radar, radio a-m, radio f.m., echo sounding, property of the ship. Classed with Lloyd's Society. Built in 1945 at Goole, in England. Register Gross tonnage: 410 tons; net 191 tons. Capacity: Cargo 20,000 bales. Dead weight: 463 long tons; draft loaded: 9' 6 1/2" mean, Screw: single. Material: Steel - electric welded. Last Special Survey: April 1965 Dimension: Length over-all 148' 2". Breadth: 27". Depth: 11'. Water Ballast: about l64 tons cellular double bottom, fore and after peak tanks.


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