Segwun Needs You!

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Segwun Needs You!
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As all T.M.H.S. members are aware, the restored Muskoka Lakes steamer SEGWUN celebrates her 100th anniversary in 1987. A festive season is planned and many of our readers will take part in SEGWUN's various activities. But although the ship herself is doing well considering the special circumstances of her service, she needs drydocking and this requires a new marine railway, for the town of Gravenhurst (from which she operates) destroyed the old one whilst "beautifying" its waterfront. SEGWUN cannot possibly earn enough in ticket sales to retire debt and pay for the drydocking as well as covering her own operating and maintenance expenses, and the support of all those interested is essential to ensure the continued operation of this historic vessel.

Enclosed with this issue is a flyer from "Friends of SEGWUN", which recognizes the special relationship which has existed between the members of T.M.H.S. and SEGWUN since her restoration. PLEASE read this flyer carefully and, if at all possible, participate in this special fund-raising appeal. If you can support this most worthy cause, be sure to indicate, when sending your tax-deductible donation, that you are a T.M.H.S. member, for it would be a great credit to this Society if the response of its members pushed the appeal over its goal. Surely the support of a gem like SEGWUN should be of utmost importance to historians who, in the past, have witnessed the untimely demise of almost all the passenger vessels which once graced our waters. We now have our chance to ensure that SEGWUN will survive and continue to operate. Won't you please help? Your assistance will certainly be very much appreciated.



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