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Segwun Needs You!
Table of Illustrations
1 An extremely early photo of CITY OF OWEN SOUND, probably taken in 1875, shows her before her upper deck was rebuilt.
2 This view of CITY OF OWEN SOUND, sometime in the period 1877 to 1883, shows her rebuilt upperworks.
3 A most interesting photo from the Alan Howard collection shows CITY OF OWEN SOUND (with arches added) moored at Fort William c.1884.
4 This fascinating photo caught the salvaged hull of CITY OF WEN SOUND in Collingwood drydock late in the summer of 1892. Courtesy Ron Beaupre.
5 View of CITY OF OWEN SOUND as a steam barge at Toronto comes courtesy of the Ontario Archives and is dated September 1895.
6 SATURN is at centre of this photo by W. A. Traill, below Lock One at Port Dalhousie. At left is CUBA, at right schooner-barge F. L. DANFORTH and steamer ERIN.

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