Lay-Up Listings - Winter 1986-87

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Lay-Up Listings - Winter 1986-87
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Further to the extensive record of winter lay-ups which appeared in our February issue, we now have a few additional listings as well as some amendments to the earlier report.

Quebec: Delete BEAVERCLIFFE HALL (see Montreal) and also C.C.G.S. MONTCALM (in service). To previous list add BONAVISTA.

Lauzon: Delete MATHILDA DESGAGNES (returned to service).

Sorel: Delete COASTAL CANADA, ENERCHEM REFINER and ENERCHEM TRAVAILLEUR (JAMES TRANSPORT), all of which went back into service, also C.C.G.S. SIR WILLIAM ALEXANDER, which was scheduled to go into service on February 19. To the previous listing, add the tankers L. ROCHETTE and LE SAULE NO. 1.

Montreal: Delete J. C. PHILLIPS and LAKESHELL (back in service) as well as the lightering barge MAPLEHEATH (see Kingston). To previous list add BEAVERCLIFFE HALL, a late arrival from Quebec City.

Kingston: To previous list add tug DANIEL McALLISTER and barges MAPLEHEATH and CAPT. M. B. DONNELLY. (We had understood that the McAllister yard at Kingston was closed late in 1986 and the vessels taken to Montreal, but we now have confirmation that the move will not occur until sometime in 1987.)

Whitby: No previous list, but CHARLES R. HUNTLEY, ISLE ROYALE and PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND wintering there.

Fairport: No previous list, but F. M. OSBORNE wintering there.

Cleveland: To previous list add ESPERANCE III (dredge).

Toledo: To previous list add DODGE ISLAND (dredge).

Kewaunee: No previous list, but former carferry ARTHUR K. ATKINSON there.

Sturgeon Bay: To previous list add Hull 735 (SEA-LAND ANCHORAGE), Hull 736 (SEA-LAND TACOMA) and Hull 737 (SEA-LAND KODIAK), all under construction.

Duluth: To previous list add D.D.S. SALVAGER, EUGENE W. PARGNY (scrap) and JOSHUA A. HATFIELD (scrap).

Superior: To previous list add SEWELL AVERY, MARINE FUEL OIL, REISS MARINE. We have now sorted out most of the problems regarding what is where, but one question is unresolved due to conflicting reports. For our own records (since the boats will be running again when our next issue appears), are OLIVE L. MOORE and BUCKEYE at Escanaba or Menominee? Perhaps someone who has actually seen them will verify their location this winter.

Again, our thanks to all members who contributed to our lay-up listings (including Duncan White and Larry Tonnos, whose reports arrived too late for inclusion in last month's acknowledgements). We also thank Rene Beauchamp, Alan Sykes and Tom Wilson for assistance in reconciling some problems. Appreciation is also due "Lake Log Chips" (publication of the Institute for Great Lakes Research, Bowling Green State University) which is the only other lake-area journal that takes the time to print lay-up lists anymore. We still believe that this is a valuable historical record and we are happy to take the space in "Scanner" to present it. The response of our members indicates that they feel the same way!


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