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-- It would appear that, after four years of idleness, the self-unloading motorship ROGER BLOUGH will see service for the USS Great Lakes Fleet Inc. during the 1986 season. We understand that she will be hauling taconite to Gary, Indiana, and that engineers will be aboard the vessel throughout the winter to make preparations for her reactivation. The BLOUGH has been laid up at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, since she last operated in 1981.

-- The self-unloading "Maritimer" RICHARD J. REISS (II), (a) ADIRONDACK (43), which is owned by the Reiss Steamship Company and operated by the American Steamship Company, is spending the winter at Erie, a most unusual spot for her, and this has led to speculation that she may change colours in 1986. Meanwhile, we understand that American Steamship intends to operate both ADAM E. CORNELIUS and JOHN J. BOLAND during the coming season.

-- An unusual visitor to Ramey's Bend this winter is NIAGARA II, the small Lake Ontario sandsucker, which is in the former E. B. Magee Ltd. drydock for survey and inspection. This is particularly interesting in that, with Erie Sand's NIAGARA in the Marine Salvage scrapyard nearby, there are two NIAGARAs in the Bend at the present time!



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