Another Owner For Arthur Orr

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Another Owner For Arthur Orr
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Readers will recall that the Canada Atlantic Transit package freighter ARTHUR ORR was our Ship of the Month No. 140 (October 1985 issue). We had mentioned that, in 1942, ARTHUR ORR was sold by the Canada Atlantic Transit Company of the United States to the Overlakes Freight Corporation, and that in 1947 she was transferred to the T. H. Browning Steamship Company.

Member George Ayoub has discovered that both Lloyd's Register and the American Bureau of Shipping Record for 1943 show that ARTHUR ORR was owned by the War Shipping Administration (her port of registry remaining as Duluth). We presume that this was a brief transaction only, and suspect that it may actually have occurred in 1942 when the steamer was sold by Canada Atlantic, and before she found her way into the Overlakes fleet.


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