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The Loss Of The Robert Koch
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Britamoil And Friends Revisited
Ship of the Month No. 143 CARMONA
Another Owner For Arthur Orr
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Table of Illustrations
1 This is MANITOBA as she originally appeared, the photo probably dating from the early 1870s. Note the twin stacks set athwartship.
2 CARMONA is seen in her early period under that name. The photo appears to have been taken at Owen Sound when she operated for the C. P. R., c. 1888.
3 After her second major rebuild, CARMONA is seen entering the piers at Kincardine, Ontario. Photo courtesy Ron Beaupre.
4 This "scenic" photo of PITTSBURG, dating from very shortly after her 1900 rebuild, is thought to have been taken along the St. Mary's River.
5 An excellent broadside view of PITTSBURG shows her leaving Kincardine, probably in 1902. Photo courtesy Ron Beaupre.
6 A fascinating view of PITTSBURG, taken at Kincardine shortly before her 1903 loss by fire, shows her third pilothouse. Photo courtesy Ron Beaupre.

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