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Back in the January 1985 issue, we featured a listing of lay-ups for the winter of 1925-26, which we hoped would stimulate members into sending us layup lists for the winter of 1984-85. It succeeded, but it also generated considerable correspondence in that we asked readers to identify any ships mentioned in the report that were still in existence. A follow-up in the April issue mentioned that member George Ayoub had suggested that yet another of the lakers named in the lay-up list was "still in the records, active or otherwise", that a clue to her identity could be found in another article in the January issue, and that he challenged other members to name her.

We must admit that we were completely baffled by the challenge and had given up hope of ever identifying the boat. George came to our rescue, reminding us that OAKBAY was our January "Ship of the Month". He also stated that her sistership PINEBAY, shown in our list as being laid up at Kingston, appeared to be still in existence. This information surprised us, but on checking the most recent Lloyd's Register we could find (the 1982-83 issue), we found that George's information was absolutely correct.

Lloyd's indicates that PINEBAY (39), (a) MINEUR, (b) ROUVRAY (23), (d) MARIA CECILIA (49), (e) GUARATAN (57), still exists as (f) SATURNO, owned by Navegacao Vandenbrande Ltda., of Santos, Brazil. Her tonnage is shown as 1222 Gross, 657 Net. She no longer has her steam machinery, but rather is now powered by two diesel engines of 7 cylinders each, 215 mm by 290 mm, which were built by Fairbanks Morse & Company (no date) and installed in the ship in 1951. Unfortunately, we have no idea whether SATURNO is still in active service or, if so, where she is operating. If any member should have information concerning her, we would be pleased to receive same.

Of Course, PINEBAY, which was built in 1919 by Chantiers et Ateliers de St. Nazaire (Penhoet) at Grand Quevilly, France, was best known for her decade and a half of lake service under the flag of the Tree Line Navigation Company Ltd., Montreal. She came to the lakes in 1923 and remained until sold foreign in 1939.

* * *

Also in the same follow-up item in the April issue, we indicated that we had received information to the effect that EDWIN T. DOUGLASS (59), (b) P.S. BARGE NO. 1, had been spotted in the Orleans Channel and Brule Bank area of the St. Lawrence River in the summer of 1983, apparently again op rating under her original name. In fact, this report has been proven false, and it is confirmed that not only was P.S. BARGE NO. 1 not given back her old name, but she also did not leave her usual Montreal berth during 1983.


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