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Additional Marine News
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-- As if FORT YORK does not have enough problems, her tug TUSKER was arrested on October 23rd at the Government Wharf in Sarnia as a result of claims by her crew that they are owed $25,000 in unpaid wages. At last report, the crew was refusing to leave the tug without being paid and the owner claimed that no money was available to pay the crew, so a standoff had developed. The entire FORT YORK affair has become a sorry fiasco indeed.

-- Arriving in Toronto's Polson Street slip on October 26th was the tanker SEAWAY TRADER. An infrequent visitor to the port, she departed early on October 38th, bound for Bronte, after undergoing certain repairs.

-- On October 26, CANADIAN TRANSPORT, which is idle at Toronto as a result of the Lock 7 Blockade, moved from Pier 35 to the north side of the channel and began to load soya beans in the same manner as did SEAWAY QUEEN and FRANK A. SHERMAN previously.



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