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We understand that plans are afoot to convert OAKGLEN from a three-hold to a five-hold boat to make her more suitable for the Bayports grain trade.

It is now official that the Ford Motor fleet has juggled names between two of its boats. JOHN DYKSTRA. (I) has been renamed BENSON FORD (II), while BENSON FORD (I) has become JOHN DYKSTRA (II) in anticipation of the eventual scrapping of the retired motorship.

The new Branch Lines motortanker L'ERABLE NO. 1, only recently delivered to the fleet by Davie Shipbuilding, has been renamed (b) HUBERT GAUCHER in honour of the father of the president of Societe Sofati Soconav, the new operator of the tanker fleet.

Shell Canadian Tankers Ltd. is, we understand, planning a reassignment of some of its boats for the 1983 season. ARCTIC TRADER, it seems, may become (c) RIVERSHELL (III) for use in the bunkering service at Montreal. Displaced from her Montreal service of fifteen years, BAYSHELL (II) may move to Hamilton, Ontario, where she would replace the bunkering barge S.M.T.B. NO. 7. The barge would itself then move from Hamilton to Nanticoke, Ontario, for bunkering duty there. We shall wait with interest to see whether these re-assignments actually take place in the new navigation season.



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