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Title Page
The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
Toronto Harbour Winter Lay-ups, 1982-83
8. Ship of the Month No. 116 Gargantua
Our November Quiz - Again
Lay-up Listings From The Past
Laurence M. Scott
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations
1 On December 11, 1982, four days after her accident, the Editor's camera captured LEADALE (II) on the bottom of the Welland Canal at the Thorold Dock.
2 The tugs SALVAGE MONARCH and HELEN M. McALLISTER stop briefly at Port Weller on November 23, 1982, with the burned-out remains of ROYAL CLIPPER, en route to Port Maitland. Photo by Al Sagon-King
3 The Young camera the big steam tug GARGANTUA downbound at Little Rapids Cut in 1923, her first year of service for the Lake Superior Paper Company.
4 This interesting portrait of GARGANTUA, which comes to us courtesy of Capt. Kenneth McColman, show her at the height of her career, in the colours of the Abitibi Power & Paper Company Ltd.

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