Laurence M. Scott

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Marine News
Toronto Harbour Winter Lay-ups, 1982-83
8. Ship of the Month No. 116 Gargantua
Our November Quiz - Again
Lay-up Listings From The Past
Laurence M. Scott
Additional Marine News
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It is with great regret that we record the sudden passing, at Brockville, Ontario, on December 1st, 1982, of Laurence Mills Scott, in his 72nd year. Mr. Scott had sailed the lakes in his youth and had then moved ashore, spending the rest of his life in the Brockville area. He was a longtime member of the Toronto Marine Historical Society, and had attended our meetings whenever possible.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his family, and particularly to his wife, Evelyn B. Scott, who had accompanied him to our meetings. We shall miss him and the invaluable assistance which he gave us in the form of marine news from the upper St. Lawrence River area.


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