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  • For the second time, the launch of ALGOWEST at Collingwood has been rescheduled. Already moved from April 22 to April 29, the gala event will now be held on Wednesday, April 28, 1982.
  • The opening of the Canadian canals has been considerably delayed this year due to the quantity of ice which blocks navigation in eastern Lake Erie. In other years, navigation has been well underway by late March, but mid-April seems a reasonable date for 1982. The ice is said to be some eleven feet in depth in some portions of the lake.
  • Toronto Island ferry service, interrupted on January 11 by ice, resumed on March 16, after the longest winter hiatus in recent memory. But, commencing March 22, the Islanders were forced back to the airport route due to severe mechanical problems which forced the Metro Parks Dept. carferry ONGIARA out of service. None of the other ferries were in shape to fill in for her and the situation has resulted in much criticism of the ferry operation.


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