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Our May Issue
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As many of our members know, the date of our Annual Dinner Meeting each May depends upon the schedule of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team, for the Ship Inn at the Museum must keep its dining room open to the public on evenings when the team is playing a home game at Exhibition Park. Thus, we can only have a private party at the restaurant when the team is away. The Jays have obliged us by being off on a road trip on the night of Saturday, May 1st, and hence that is the date of our dinner.

But the meeting date comes almost a week earlier than it would normally have done had we met on our usual "First Friday", and that puts considerable pressure on Ye Ed. as regards the preparation of "Scanner". As well, we shall be away from Toronto on two occasions during the month of April, and it would be impossible for us to have the May issue ready for distribution at the dinner without sacrificing size and quality.

We pride ourselves on always having "Scanner" ready for passing out to those present at our monthly meetings, and thus making considerable savings against the present outrageous postal rates for mailed copies. But this time, for the first occasion in the thirteen years that Ye Ed. has been in charge of these pages, we will be unable to make that deadline. As a result, we will produce the May issue somewhat later in the month than usual. This will also assist us in reducing the usual long delay between our May and Mid-Summer issues, and will help us to keep up to date on the many items of marine news that are certain to develop during that period.

It will seem strange not to have "Scanner" available at the meeting, but we would prefer to delay publishing than produce a product of inferior quality . We trust that our members will agree.


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