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We devoted much space in our last three issues to listings of boats laid up for the winter at various lake and river ports. The new navigation season is now at hand and the time for thinking about lay-ups is past, but we return briefly to the subject to correct the record for one particular port.

Toledo: Add to previous list - GEMINI, PAUL THAYER.

Our thanks to Mike Nicholls for this information.

We could not produce lay-up lists without the assistance of our members. As next autumn rolls around (not that we are looking forward to it, mind you), please remember that we need your help to make our lay-up records as accurate as possible. Lay-up information has always been of value to us in preparing "Ship of the Month" features, and we believe that historians of the future years will feel likewise and may look back to what we have published as a reference source. "Scanner" takes pride in the accuracy of its material and we wish to maintain that most enviable reputation. You, all our members, can help us to do just that.


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