The Shipwrecks of Lake Superior

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The Shipwrecks of Lake Superior
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We are pleased to announce the availability of this major reference work prepared by Dr. Julius F. Wolff, Jr., and published by the Lake Superior Marine Museum Association Inc. of Duluth. The book contains details of more than 1,000 shipwrecks and marine casualties on Lake Superior, ranging from minor scrapes to major disasters, and covering the period from the beginning of navigation on the lake to the present. Many of the accidents have never before been described in print and, although information may still be sketchy in some cases, Dr. Wolff's efforts have produced a most valuable record.

"The Shipwrecks of Lake Superior" is available in both paperback and hardcover. The paperback copy received by Ye Ed. is an attractive volume of 166 pages plus index. There are many photos, some of which we have never before seen, but we wish that the printer had done a better job with the photo reproduction. Dr. Wolff's research appears generally very sound, although the end product suffers from rather too many "typographical" errors and could have done with a more thorough proofreading.

The book is, however, a totally unique reference work and certainly deserves a place in the library of every serious marine historian of the lakes, for much of the information contained in it is not available to the collector from any other handy source. We recommend it highly. Please contact the Lake Superior Marine Museum Association, P.O. Box 177, Duluth, Minnesota 55802, U.S.A. All orders must contain remittance in U.S. Funds, the cost of the paperback being $12.45 including postage, while the hardcover (signed, limited edition) goes for $25.50 including postage.


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