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Table of Illustrations
1 The three "Red Tomatoes" bid farewell to the lakes, downbound in the Welland Canal with SALVAGE MONARCH and HELEN M. McALLISTER. THOMAS F. PATTON at Allanburgh, August 14. Photo by the Editor.
2 CHARLES M. WHITE at Port Colborne, August 25. Photo by J. H. Bascom.
3 TOM M. GIRDLER at Bridge 5, September 4. Photo by James M. Kidd.
4 This spirited photo by Rowley Murphy, taken c.1906, shows TURRET CAPE backing hard in a futile attempt to avoid striking the lower east wall of Lock 3 in the Third Welland Canal.
5 TURRET CAPE, during her short career as a barge, unloads flour at Pier 4, Toronto. Photo, probably taken in 1936, illustrates shape of a turret's harbour deck.
6 Photo by J. H. Bascom, taken during the summer of 1957, shows WALTER INKSTER awaiting scrapping in the upper harbour at Port Dalhousie.

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