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The Great Lakes Society for the Preservation of Side Ship Launching has been formed with the thought that there is room in this world of shortages, high prices and turmoil for one more organization, an exclusive group that offers a one-shot deal with no annual dues, no newsletters, no bake sales, and no bazaars. It is based upon something unexplainable, the something that draws people of all sorts through horrible weather and over worse roads to all kinds of crazy places en route to watch a side launching. To become an official member of this strange brotherhood, send $2.00 in any funds that you have available to T.G.L.S.F.T.P.O.S.S.L., c/o Museum of Arts & History, 1115 Sixth Street, Port Huron, Michigan 48060, U.S.A. Or better yet, write to Frank Crevier, acting co-ordinator of the group at the above address, and he will be glad to send details of all the goodies to which you will be entitled as a member.


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