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An historical publication such as ours must always strive for accuracy, not only for the benefit of its current readers but also in order not to mislead those who may later use it as a reference source. It is for this reason that we try always to publish a correction if it should come to our attention that we have included in "Scanner" any erroneous material. (We also try to avoid alliterative titles such as that gracing this piece, but once in a while one will simply demand to be printed!)

In January, we reported the sale of the small cement carrier LOC BAY from the Erie Sand Steamship Company to Medusa Cement and indicated that LOC BAY had operated on Lake Ontario between Bath and Charlotte. We should, of course, have realized that LOC BAY did not run out of Bath but rather from Picton, and we thank Tom Brewer of Rochester for bringing this slip to our attention.

While we are at it, perhaps we should recap the bulk cement operations on Lake Ontario for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the area. ENGLISH RIVER loads at the Canada Cement dock at Bath, usually discharging her cargo in the Polson Street slip, Toronto. All of the other Lake Ontario bulk cement boats (except for ROBERT KOCH which loads at Clarkson for Buffalo) load their cargoes at the Lake Ontario Cement Company dock at Picton. LOC BAY, and PEERLESS before her, ran from Picton to Charlotte, while METIS, and GLENELG before her, ran from Picton to Toronto, docking in the mouth of the Keating Channel at Cherry Street. METIS has also taken cargoes to Charlotte on numerous occasions. Erie Sand's DAY PECKINPAUGH, on the other hand, has been only an infrequent visitor to Charlotte, for she normally runs cement from Picton to Oswego where she enters the New York State Barge Canal for the trip to her final destination, Rome, New York.

It seems likely that LOC BAY's place on Lake Ontario will not be taken by DAY PECKINPAUGH, which is usually kept busy on her canal trips, but rather that METIS will probably be diverted from Toronto on a more frequent basis and that she will hold down the Charlotte service as required.


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