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The Shipbuilders - Another Quiz
You Asked Us (Part II)
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Ship of the Month No. 91 Collier
Winter Lay-up Listings
A Correction concerning Cement Carriers
Welland Canal Commemorative Plaques
Table of Illustrations
1 We have no idea when or how this misfortune befell the composite package freighter MYLES and we shall leave it up to our readers to guess how she figures in our current quiz.
2 COLLIER NO. 1, her unloading rig already altered from its original design, enters Toronto's Eastern Gap during the summer of 1925 in this photo by J. H. Bascom.
3 Photo by the Editor shows COLLIER outbound at the Toronto Eastern Gap during July 1957. Note the canvas cover hung over the after cabin to keep coal dust out of the accommodations.

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