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In the October issue, we mentioned the virtual disappearance from the Great Lakes of the long-familiar turret-style forward cabin which once was sported by so many steamers. We included a small quiz to test our readers on their knowledge of current lake fleets, asking for the names of the last six operating vessels equipped with this type of forward cabin arrangement.

We hope that all of our readers enjoyed this little exercise. To put you all out of your misery (as far as the correct answers are concerned), there follows a listing of the six boats in order of their date of construction. It will be noted that three of them are still under U.S. registry, while the remaining three now fly the Canadian flag.

LAKEWOOD, (a) CHARLES M. WARNER (28), (b) MICHIGAN (56). (U.S.127752). Erie Sand Steamship Company. Sandsucker. Built 1903 at Chicago, Illinois, by the Chicago Shipbuilding Company.

J. B. FORD, (a) EDWIN F. HOLMES (l6), (b) E. C. COLLINS (59). (U.S.200666). Huron Cement Division, National Gypsum Company. Bulk cement carrier. Built 1904 at Lorain, Ohio, by the American Shipbuilding Company.

SYLVANIA, (a) SYLVANIA (14), (b) D. M. PHILBIN (29). (U.S .201840) . Columbia Transportation Division, Oglebay Norton Company. Self-unloading bulk carrier. Built 1905 at West Bay City, Michigan, by the West Bay City Shipbuilding Company.

PIERSON INDEPENDENT, (a) J. H. SHEADLE (I)(24), (b) F. A. BAILEY (30), (c) LaSALLE (II)(66), (d) MEAFORD (III)(79). (C325783). The Soo River Company. Straight-deck bulk carrier. Built 1906 at Ecorse, Michigan, by the Great Lakes Engineering Works.

BROOKDALE (II), (a) J. S. ASHLEY (62), (b) FRED A. MANSKE (II)(76). (C.370901). Westdale Shipping Ltd. Self-unloading bulk carrier. Built 1909 at Lorain, Ohio, by the American Shipbuilding Company.

JUDITH M. PIERSON, (a) WILLIAM A. AMBERG (32), (b) ALBERT E. HEEKIN (55), (c) SILVER BAY (75). (C.369249). The Soo River Company. Straight-deck bulk carrier. Built 1917 at Lorain, Ohio, by the American Shipbuilding Company.

We had thought that this little test might stump our members, but they have proven equal to the task. Our thanks and congratulations to all who submitted correct answers.


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