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The Editor's Notebook
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Our October meeting was the annual autumn slide night and proved to be a resounding success, as usual. Members in droves responded with slides illustrating their summer marine activities and the result was highly interesting, to say the least. The wide range of our members' interests never ceases to amaze us.

MEMBERSHIP FEES: Perhaps you are now wondering whether you remembered to renew for the 1979-80 season. Not to worry, for if you receive this issue, you are fully paid up and a member in good standing. If a friend should mention, however, that his November "Scanner" has not arrived, it might be well to remind him that his renewal is outstanding.

Our New Look: What do you think of our present double-sided printing? We dislike having to go this route, but it cuts costs sufficiently to avoid a hike in membership fees. Please let us have your comments.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Fred Baddeley of Oak Ridges, Ontario, to Capt. T. R. Pickard of North Bay, to Peter Edwards of Toronto, and to Joseph Ames who serves aboard V. W. SCULLY.


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