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The testing of the Welland Canal shunters with MARINSAL continues. The most recent workout for the combination was a five-hour excursion out on Lake Ontario off the Niagara Bar on April 29. From all reports received, it would seem that operations to date have been successful.

The new Detroit firetug has been completed by Peterson Builders at Sturgeon Bay and should soon be on station. The tug, christened CURTIS RANDOLPH, was put through her trials by the shipyard in late April.

Although Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd. had previously indicated that all vessels would be fitted out this spring, it seems that the 73-year-old steamer MEAFORD, (a) J. H. SHEADLE (I)(25), (b) F. A. BAILEY (30), (c) LA SALLE (66), may not operate. The veteran bulk carrier is badly in need of boiler work and, although it was originally intended to run her at least until the expiration of her certificate in mid-season, she presently remains cold at Toronto and has not been cleared for service through the Welland Canal in 1979.

Bad luck continues to dog EDWIN H. GOTT. The vessel was severely damaged during her mid-February maiden voyage from Sturgeon Bay to Two Harbors and for the following two months she lay at the latter port undergoing repair. She ventured out on the downbound leg of her inaugural trip in late April but encountered trouble in the lower harbour at the Soo when, on April 26, the supply boat OJIBWAY experienced difficulties in swinging her lift boom over the GOTT's side in order to deposit supplies on deck. To assist, GOTT was anchored and the operation was completed successfully. When the crew of the 1,000-footer attempted to raise her hooks and get underway, however, it was noted that her after chain came aboard with no anchor on the end of it. This may only have been a minor incident, but it served only to aggravate the misery of EDWIN H. GOTT's infamous entry into regular service.

During the last few months, numerous rumours have been making the rounds concerning the future of several vessels of the fleet of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. To put such rumours to rest, we can report that Bethlehem is, at present, contemplating no changes in its current fleet and that no sales, purchases, or conversions are anticipated.

As far as the Kinsman fleet is concerned, it seems that all vessels will begin operation with the exception of HENRY STEINBRENNER and KINSMAN ENTERPRISE. We might, however, pass along a word to the wise; should any of our readers happen to see any of the Kinsman boats under ideal photographic conditions in the near future, we would recommend that the opportunity not be allowed to pass by.

The brand new Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker PIERRE RADISSON was brought into the lakes this spring to assist with the opening of navigation at the Lakehead. Ice conditions were such that the ailing ALEXANDER HENRY, suffering from engine problems, was not able to cope with the situation herself.



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