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The Montreal and Lake Superior Line, which heretofore operated six steamers, viz.: A. E. AMES, J. H. PLUMMER and H. M. PELLATT of the Canadian Lake and Ocean Navigation Company; WAHCONDAH and NEEPAWAH, owned by R. O. and A. B. Mackay interests, Hamilton, and the Fairgrieve steamer ARABIAN, under the joint management of F. Plummer, A. B. Mackay and J. B. Fairgrieve, has been dissolved.
NEVADA was one of three British steamers acquired in 1907 by the Canadian Lake Line. This 1909 Young photo shows her downbound at the Soo.
The Canadian Lake Line has been formed to commence operations on the opening of navigation. The fleet will be composed of the Canadian Lake and Ocean Navigation Company's steamers A. E. AMES, H. M. PELLATT and J. H. PLUMMER, Capt. J. B. Fairgrieve's steamship ARABIAN, and three steel package freight steamships, the MORENA, CORUNNA and NEVADA, which have been purchased in Great Britain by C. H. F. Plummer. These recently acquired vessels, which were built in 1890, are each 1249 tons gross, 768 net register, classed 100 Al; length, 232 feet; breadth, 34 feet; depth 18 3/4 feet molded; cubic capacity, 84,950 cubic feet, carrying 1,378 tons deadweight inclusive of 150 tons in bunkers, on 13 feet draft, steaming 10 knots on a consumption of 11 tons of coal per day.
They are lofty between decks, have three hatchways, fitted with triple (expansion) engines, h.p. nominal 99, cylinders 17 1/2, 26 1/2 and 44 inches diameter, 30 inch stroke, one tubular boiler, working pressure 160 lbs; water ballast in double bottoms and peaks; three steam winches, steam steering gear, one deck steel, and complete awning deck.
The Canadian Lake Line, with its seven steamships, will give a regular semi-weekly service between Montreal, Prescott, Kingston, Toronto, Hamilton, Cleveland, Windsor, Walkerville, Courtright, Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, Port Arthur and Fort William. It will be under the general management of F. Plummer, Toronto, with the following staff: traffic manager, H. Young, Toronto; general agent, J. Brown, Montreal; soliciting freight agent, Montreal, J. Nelligan; agent, Toronto, W. H. Hickey; agent, Hamilton, E. Jordan; agent, Cleveland, Ohio, C. C. Phillpott; agent, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, G. A. Boyd; general agent, Port Arthur and Fort William, J. J. O'Connor; with general agents at each of the twin ports; general agent, Winnipeg, J. McLerie. The Michigan Central Railroad agent will represent the line at Courtright, Ontario, the Wabash Railroad agent at Windsor, and the Pere Marquette Railroad agent at Sarnia.
Upbound at Little Rapids Cut in a photo by Young, H. M. PELLATT sports her newly-acquired Canadian Lake Line colours in the spring of 1907.
Another line will also give a semi-weekly service between Montreal and Fort William, the fleet comprising the Mackay steamships WAHCONDAH and NEEPAWAH, the Montreal and Great Lakes Steamship Company's BICKERDIKE, the Montreal Transportation Company's ADVANCE, the Mathews Steamship Company's HADDINGTON and EDMONTON, and the ROSEDALE, which has been bought from the St. Lawrence and Chicago Steam Navigation Company by a syndicate of Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton people, including R. O. and A. B. Mackay.
These vessels will be operated as the Merchants and Montreal - Lake Superior Line, the intermediate ports of call being Toronto, Hamilton, Cleveland, Windsor, Walkerville, Courtright, Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, and Port Arthur. G. E. Jaques and Company, Montreal, have been appointed general eastern agents, and will have charge of Montreal and Toronto traffic, G. Sommerville being general agent at Toronto, and T. Burke, soliciting freight agent. R. O. and A. B. Mackay, Hamilton, will be general western agents in charge of Hamilton district, southern Ontario, lines of Wabash, Michigan Central, and Pere Marquette Railroads at Detroit and St. Clair River ports. H. W. Cowan, formerly with the old Montreal and Lake Superior Line, will be engaged with R.O. and A. B. Mackay.

(Ed. Note: In case anyone is curious, the above was taken from the April, 1907, issue of The Railway and Marine World. How times have changed!)


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