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Title Page
The Editor's Notebook
Trial By Lake Erie
Lakehead Navigation Season Opens
Marine News
Vessel Passages
Montreal - Fort William Freight Service
Ship of the Month No. 84 "The Weedcutter"
Deep-sea Passenger Ship News
John Pratt, Revisited
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations
1 NEVADA was one of three British steamers acquired in 1907 by the Canadian Lake Line. This 1909 Young photo shows her downbound at the Soo.
2 Upbound at Little Rapids Cut in a photo by Young, H. M. PELLATT sports her newly-acquired Canadian Lake Line colours in the spring of 1907.
3 "Weedcutter", with Bob Kenmore steering and Joe Farrell tending the boiler, works on Long Pond, Centre Island, in this photo courtesy Capt. J. Leonard.

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