How did that happen?

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How did that happen?
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As our readers know, we always strive for accuracy in the information, whether historical or current, that we present in these pages. Our various articles are meant to inform, not to create problems, and we take great pains to avoid the perpetuation in print of erroneous information.

It was, therefore, with considerable mortification that we recently became aware of the fact that a major error had crept unnoticed into our Ship of the Month feature in the January issue, the article dealing with the life and loss of the sandsucker SAND MERCHANT. For some strange reason, our article mentioned throughout that this steamer was lost in 1937 but, of course, the sinking actually occurred in 1936. We sincerely regret this error and would ask that all our readers make the necessary correction in their records. Meanwhile, we are still trying to figure out how this error managed to sneak past the hawkeyes of Ye Ed. and his fearless proofreader.


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