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Our January meeting was a theme slide night on the subject of ferries. The members responded in fine order and we saw a good variety of shots of such vessels from all over the world. We even saw a "land ferry"! We extend thanks to all those who contributed to the evening's programme.

Speaking of contributions, we should like to express our great appreciation to all those who have sent us lay-up listings and either questions or answers for our Reader Enquiry section. The response has been overwhelming and we have virtually been deluged by correspondence. If your item does not appear this issue, please be patient; we just did not have space for all the items we received. We'll also try to answer all your letters personally in due course. We'll try....

Remember to hold the evening of May 6th open for our annual dinner meeting. We'll have full details for you in our next issue.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to John Duffy of Valley Stream, New York, and to W. A. Dillon of Cardinal, Ontario.


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