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Last issue, we mentioned an enquiry from Michel Vezina of Beauport, Quebec, concerning the steamer GUIDE which was lost in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on October 15, 1926 near Godbout. We had no information on this ship ourselves and thus are very much appreciative of the efforts of members George Ayoub and Rene Beauchamp who have come to the rescue.

GUIDE (C.98982) was a steel-hulled steamer built 1891 at Dumbarton by Wm. Denny & Bros. and originally registered at Glasgow. She measured 114.3 x 21.0 x 11.4, Gross 156 and Net 82, and it appears that she was built either as a lightship or else as a lighthouse tender for service in British waters. She was later converted to a cargo carrier and in 1914 was purchased by Capt. Jos. E. Bernier of Levis, Quebec. She was used in several trips to the Arctic for which Bernier was renowned. The ship was sold in 1920 to the Gulf of St. Lawrence Shipping and Trading Company Ltd. of Quebec and at that time was placed in Canadian registry. She passed in 1924 to the North Shore Trading Company Ltd., Quebec, and they were her owners when she was lost.

In answer to an enquiry concerning the Agence Maritime motorvessel FORT GEORGE, we can advise that she was sold to the Lituana Shipping Co. Ltd. of Panama and in 1975 was renamed STROFADES.

We have an enquiry of our own, one which concerns the steam collier PATDORIS, (a) ARDGATH, (b) YORKMINSTER, which was operated onwards from 1924 in the Lake Ontario coal trade by J. F. Sowards of Kingston. She later belonged to the Maple Leaf Steamship Company Ltd. of Montreal and we have one report to the effect that she was sold for scrap in 1946 although it is not confirmed. Strangely enough, she still to this day appears in the Canadian List of Shipping, although we have no doubt that she was actually broken up many years ago. Can anyone supply more specific information?


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