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Wo do not like to have errors appear in "Scanner" as we do not wish to be a party to the perpetuation of erroneous information. It is for this reason that we appreciate the assistance of our readers in bringing to our attention errors that somehow may creep into these pages.

Two months ago in our January issue, we presented the fleet list and corporate history of the Oakes fleets. One of the vessels mentioned therein was the steamer B.F.BERRY, later known as (b) BERRYTON, (c) VISCOUNT BENNETT and(d) C.A.BENNETT. For some unexplained reason, we reported that she had been built as Hull 357 of the American Shipbuilding Company of Cleveland. Our thanks go those readers who have pointed out the error of our ways and we apologize for our oversight. B. F. BERRY was, of course, built by American Shipbuilding at their Lorain yard. Her Hull No. was correctly recorded as 357.


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