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In our last issue, we presented a Crossword Puzzle made specifically for SCANNER by

member Bob Ireland. We hope that all our members enjoyed working the puzzle and that they may have learned a bit about some of the ships mentioned in it. Perhaps

we could arrange to bring you another such puzzle sometime in the future if there is sufficient response from our readers. If you are interested, let's hear from you.

For those of you who may have been stumped by some of the clues in the February crossword, here is the correct solution.

1. Bannockburn 14. Ace 25. Steam 33. Welland
10. Alberta 16. India 27. Glenmohr 34. Whale
11. Argus 18. Hoyt 29. Fore 35. Red
12. Burton 19. Doc 32. Nor 36.Misener
13. Glen 22. Anderson
6. Regina 17. Donnelly 25. Spokane
2. Arbor 7. Cambria 20. Ore 26. Agawa
3. Norgoma 8. Asia 21. Emperor 28. Hud
4. Coal 9. Corey 23. Elmdale 30. E.N.E.
5. Bradley 15. Chas. 24. N. W. 31. R.W.


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