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Readers of the "Scanner" will recall that on several occasions (as late as last month - see LUELLA) we have reproduced photographs taken by the camera of Rowley Murphy. We regret to report that this fine gentleman passed away on February 2nd, 1975, at the age of 83, only a few days after the death of his wife "Tommy."

Rowley was a life-long resident of Toronto. At an early age he was taken down to the waterfront by his father and there he watched the comings and goings of the numerous schooners and passenger steamers. He soon began to record on film what he saw and he displayed great talent in sketching harbour scenes. His summers were spent on Toronto Island and at Port Dalhousie, both excellent spots from which to view the marine scene. On the Welland Canal he sketched many of the vessels of the early 1900's as they passed through the locks and fortunately his sketch books have been preserved along with many of his glass plate and film negatives.

As time passed, Rowley's interest in art became predominant. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy at Philadelphia and also in Italy. He became an illustrator for a number of magazines and in due course was appointed to a position as teacher of art at the Ontario College of Art. During World War II he was commissioned by the Royal Canadian Navy as an officer on special assignment as a war artist. In this capacity he sketched and painted many fine scenes of the Navy and Merchant Navy at war. Quite recently he was elected a member of the Royal Canadian Academy. A salon held at Toronto last autumn featured some of his many works and was highly successful.

Those of us who possess examples of his work and those who have seen any of his paintings, sketches or photographs are indeed fortunate, as are those who may have known Rowley Murphy personally.


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