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Wanted to Buys Small vertical marine steam engine, about 3" x 4". Prefer Stephenson Link Motion reversing. Please send particulars to: Robert Ireland, 90 Goldwick Crescent, London, Ontario, N5V 2LI.

Member Bob Ireland is hoping to build a steam launch somewhere in the 18 to 24-foot range. He is not worried about the availability of a boiler for the craft and is prepared to build the hull himself if a suitable used hull is not obtainable. The big problem is the engine, for he wants an authentic marine engine, not the type of machinery which is built now for the purpose. If you can help him out, or if you know where such an engine might be located, please drop him a line.

We know of few ship fans more qualified to embark on such a venture. For 14 years, Bob was engineer on vessels of the Imperial Oil, Owen Sound Transportation, and Upper Lakes Shipping fleets. He currently is employed as a boiler inspector by the Commercial Union Assurance Company Ltd.


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