The End of the Hibou

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Two months ago, we featured as our Ship of the Month the passenger and package freight motorship HIBOU which came to grief off Owen Sound on November 21, 1936. We noted that after being salvaged and rebuilt, she was taken to salt water in 1943 by the Pan American Steamship Corporation of Panama S. A., Puerto Cortes, Honduras. She remained in the Pan American fleet until about 1953 when she was sold. At the time we wrote the story, we did not know the final disposition of the ship.

We have now heard from new member Ivan S. Brookes of Hamilton, who has been able to trace the end of HIBOU and whoso assistance we gratefully acknowledge.

HIBOU was apparently sold late in 1952 or early in 1953 to Tocutex, S.A., although she did not last long enough in this ownership to show in the registers as having been sold by Pan American. She came to grief on March 24, 1953, when she foundered in the Pacific Ocean off Tocopilla, Chile, in a position 22.59 South, 70.50 West.

To further fill out the story of HIBOU, David T. Glick of Dearborn has been able to determine that her Hull Number was 403.


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