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We are indeed fortunate to be able to illustrate so many Northern Navigation vessels in one photo, but thanks to Scotty McCannell we have the use of the Collingwood harbour view reproduced on this month's photo page. It is especially valuable in that it shows HAMONIC fitting out for her first year of service. The photo is dated April 20, 1909 and HAMONIC did not make her first voyage until June 23, 1909.

In the bottom left corner of the photo can be seen the deck and funnel of J. A. McKEE while across from her on the north (close) side of the Grand Trunk pier is DORIC. On the south side of the G. T. wharf are CITY OF MIDLAND (farthest left), GERMANIC and MANITOU (Moored outside GERMANIC with only funnel and pilothouse showing). In the foreground across the end of the G. T. wharf is WEXFORD,

On the drydock pier at the far right are (left to right) dredge KINGSFORD, tug R.G.A. WEAVER, dredge TOGO, and steamers TURRET CROWN and IONIC.

In the background, moored across the face of the drydock property are (left to right ) HAMONIC, CANADIAN NEEBING (I), MEAFORD (I), DUNELM and DUNDEE (the latter canted to starboard). In the drydock itself, directly ahead of DUNDEE and partially hidden by smoke, are REGINA (closest) and TURRET CHIEF.

Five Northern Navigation steamers are included in the photo.



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