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Table of Illustrations
1 Photographed four days after her stranding, the ice-shrouded wreck of LAMBTON rests on Ile Parisienne. Bascom collection.
2 Spring fit-out at Collingwood, April 20, 1909. Group includes HAMONIC, CITY OF MIDLAND, GERMANIC, DORIC and IONIC. Courtesy of R. T. McCannell.
3 CITY OF COLLINGWOOD prepares to dock at Midland c. 1902. She burned at her namesake town in 1905. Bascom collection.
4 The camera of A. E. Young caught this scenic view of HURONIC on the St. Mary's River in 1916.
5 The date is April 23, 1895 and the crowd has just witnessed the launch of MAJESTIC at Collingwood.
6 A rare photo of WAUBIC shows her negotiating a narrow Georgian Bay channel. Courtesy Don McCartney.

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