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The March meeting featured an illustrated address by Lorne Joyce dealing with the stone hookers that were once so common on western Lake Ontario. Lorne's reminiscences of the ships and the colourful men who sailed them made for a delightful evening and we hope that Lorne will favour us with another of his fascinating talks in the near future.

Our Programme Committee is busily searching for ideas for next year's meetings, although many of the nights are already planned. To give a hand in this direction, Dyke Cobb and Bill Wilson have agreed to join our stalwarts, Gordon Turner and Scotty McCannell, on the Committee and we would ask that you let them know your preferences and suggestions regarding meetings. Volunteers to address the group would be welcomed.

Several members have requested that we devote a bit of space in these pages to publications dealing with ships and accordingly we hope shortly to give you a reading list of recommended titles for the marine historian. Book reviews will also be presented from time to time.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to R. T. McCullough of Corunna, Vernon Sweeting of Midland, Philip Brimacombe of Oakville, and Leeson Laing of Port Credit.


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